The Story...

To her parents, Keyari Price is an honor roll student at an all-girl Catholic high school. But to her peers, she’s KP; a charismatic drug dealer with dreams of becoming a famous rap star. As she navigates the  inevitable woes of puberty, and struggles to find a balance  between school and the streets, a new issue arises: She begins questioning her sexuality.  

As she blossoms into a woman, Keyari experiences more than her share of heartbreak and drama. But nothing could have prepared her for the relationship that turned her world upside down and almost made her lose everything she’d worked her entire life for.  

A moment of rage-induced insanity, followed by seven shots from a .380 caliber handgun, lands her on trial for attempted murder shortly after her 27th birthday. Now, Keyari’s attorney must dissect her upbringing to convince a jury that the now-famous multi-platinum rapper was a victim of circumstance.   

Set in Chicago, Daddy’s Little Girl is the story of a young woman whose quest for self-actualization is constantly being derailed by the company she keeps. Rico J brings this colorful, and amusingly reckless character to life in an exhilarating fictional memoir.

Also by Rico J...

NBA player Anthony Smith has had his share of trials and heartache. But when his first love accuses him of rape; he sits in a police station answering questions about his past.

On the basketball court, his presence was unrivaled. He was handsome; an athletically-built heartthrob with the ego to match, even in high school. All the girls wanted him, but he only had eyes for one: Traci Benson.

Get enthralled in this tale of love, seduction, heartbreak, and betrayal.  Rico J writes a page turner that leaves the reader screaming at the end in shock and leaves characters in your mind well after you have closed the back cover. 

The Silent Treatment by Rico J