LadyTwist: Rapper, Writer, Comedian

“Well it all began in the mind of a gifted child…” was the opening bar of the verse that introduced LadyTwist to the world as the quick-witted, rapid-spitting female MC from Chicago, on Vh1’s Miss Rap Supreme.




Although Vh1 catapulted The Lyrical Storyteller into stardom, those "hot sixteens" were merely an appetizer.  In addition to music; Twist is also a comedy writer, voice-actress, stand-up comedian and published author.  All of the above, combined with her flawless lyrical delivery, make LadyTwist one of very few entertainers with the ability to engage a broad range of audiences simultaneously. She credits her lyrical versatility to her loyal adoration of Hip Hop legends Eminem, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Ludacris. 




After losing her father to prostate cancer at the peak of her Vh1 fame, Twist abruptly disappeared from the Hip Hop scene. During her bereavement she wrote two novels: "The Silent Treatment" and "Daddy's Little Girl". "The Silent Treatment" is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The fictional memoir "Daddy's Little Girl" will be released in 2021.


During the filming of Miss Rap Supreme in Los Angeles, several of the show's producers and cast members suggested that Twist consider moonlighting as a stand up comedian. The biggest nod came from late film director and producer John Singleton. While judging an acting competition on the show, he observed that "Twist has a natural comedic talent". However, at the time, the 22-year-old entertainer had a vested interest exclusively in music and ignored their suggestions...


Years later, while working as a host/producer at Chicago Public Radio, a co-worker coerced her into performing at a comedy open mic. Armed with nothing more than a unique perspective on life, her first stand up comedy performance was an accidental success. Since her humble beginnings, she has shared the stage with comedy greats Brian Babylon and Damon Williams amongst many other well-known Chicago comics.


LadyTwist's current projects include the upcoming news satire show "The Confuckery Report", the highly-anticipated sequel to "The Silent Treatment" and the 5th installment in "The Demotape" mixtape series.


Twizzle (as she's affectionately called by fans) has a trademarked entertainment style that is amiably honest and riddled with shock value. From amusing word play as a rapper to colorful viewpoints as a comic, you'll never get bored when LadyTwist is "in the building"!