"Well it all began in the mind of a gifted child", was the opening bar of the verse that introduced Lady Twist: The Lyrical Storyteller to the world as the quick-witted, charismatic lyricist from Chicago on Egotrip's Miss Rap Supreme. 

Twist's four-episode run on Miss Rap Supreme led to a job as a radio personality at WBEZ in Chicago where she met comedians Vanessa Fraction and Brian Babylon. The two well-known comics mentored the then 22 year old in the infant stages of her promising comedy career. However, the death of Twist's father in 2011 took a devastating toll on the young entertainer, leading to an abrupt and unexplained hiatus from the spotlight. 

During her bereavement, the former award-winning Journalist completed two novels: “The Silent Treatment” and “Daddy’s Little Girl” under the pen name Rico J. Both titles are now available on Amazon, and everywhere books are sold. By popular demand, a sequel to "The Silent Treatment" is currently in development, and the storyline is expected to span a trilogy. 

In addition to writing novels, Lady Twist is currently working on her first studio album: "The Lyrical Storyteller". The album boasts production by up-and-coming Chicago hybrid-producer Smokey Fresh, and a more animated, but mature lyricist in Lady Twist.  The first single, "Smoke" featuring Smokey Fresh and Nee Marie, is now available on all streaming platforms.

Lady Twist: The Lyrical Storyteller from Miss Rap Supreme

Lady Twist: The Lyrical Storyteller. Published author, rapper, and stand-up comedian

The cast of Miss Rap Supreme

The cast of Egotrip's Miss Rap Supreme at The Fembassy with Yo Yo and MC Serch

From left to right: Lady Twist, Byata, Ms Cherry, D.A.B., Rece Steele, Nicky2States

From left to right: Lady Twist, Byata, Ms Cherry, D.A.B., Rece Steele, Nicky2States