'Well it all began in the mind of a gifted child…' was the opening bar of the verse that introduced LadyTwist to the world as the quick-witted, rapid-spitting female MC from Chicago, on Vh1’s Miss Rap Supreme. After losing her father to prostate cancer at the peak of her Vh1 fame, Twist abruptly disappeared from the Hip Hop scene. During her bereavement she wrote two novels: "The Silent Treatment" and "Daddy's Little Girl". "The Silent Treatment" is now available for purchase on Amazon and everywhere books are sold. The fictional memoir "Daddy's Little Girl" will be released this fall.” - Excerpt from LadyTwist bio

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The Silent Treatment a novel 




The Silent Treatment

An urban tale of love, seduction, heartbreak and betrayal

NBA player Anthony Smith has had his share of trials and heartache. As he sits in a police station answering questions about his past, he reveals secrets, insecurities and events that led up to his possible demise.

On the basketball court, his presence was unrivaled. He was handsome; an athletically-built heartthrob with the ego to match, even in high school. All the girls wanted him, but he only had eyes for one: Traci Benson. Unfortunately, she was the reason he was sitting in an interrogation room rehashing events that occurred years ago. How could someone so small, make such a huge impact on his life and change the way he viewed the world and how he loved? Get enthralled in this tale of love, seduction, heartbreak, and betrayal.