“Well it all began in the mind of a gifted child…” was the opening bar of the verse that introduced LadyTwist to the world as the quick-witted, rapid-spitting female MC from Chicago, on Vh1’s Miss Rap Supreme (a reality television series that set out to find the next great female MC).

LadyTwist ‘s razor-sharp delivery wowed the masses; and many predicted that she would win the competition. While the show itself wasted no time taking a turn for typical drama-driven reality TV, Twist’s open refusal to feud with her cast mates made her instantly likeable.  That, along with her well-developed lyricism, fueled the outrage that swept the country when she was eliminated at the end of the fourth episode.  Her unexpected elimination caused a riot on the Internet, and one blog site referred to her elimination episode as “the one where the show lost all credibility”.

And while Vh1 catapulted The Lyrical Storyteller into stardom, the show itself failed to accurately depict the true depths of her talent.  What viewers saw on Miss Rap Supreme was merely an appetizer compared to what the multi-faceted entertainer brings to the table.  In addition to music; Twist is also a comedy writer, voice-actress, stand-up comedian and published author. All of the above, combined with her flawless delivery, make LadyTwist one of very few entertainers with the ability to appeal to a broad range of audiences simultaneously.

LadyTwist credits her lyrical versatility to her loyal adoration of rap artists Eminem, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco. With her quick-witted wordplay, natural comedic talent and sometimes lightening-fast delivery, she collectively embraces the essence of them all to rhythmic perfection; with her ingenious creativity as the cherry on top.

The hidden gem on her entertainment resume is her role as the comic genius behind the voice of the boisterous yet gullible character Shaquaiquai Jenkins. Shaquaiquai is Twist’s friend with whom she has a tense love-hate relationship. Because of this strained acquaintance, their interactions often end with an exchange of insults and hilarity ensues.  While “Shaquaiquai skits” are exclusive to all of LadyTwist’s releases, the character has also been featured on hundreds of other projects.  


After losing her father to prostate cancer at the peak of her popularity, Twist abruptly disappeared from the Hip Hop scene. During her bereavement, she wrote two novels: “The Silent Treatment” and “Daddy’s Little Girl” under the pen name Rico J. “The Silent Treatment” is slated for a Summer 2017 release. In the summer of 2016 LadyTwist headed back to the studio and wrapped up the 4th installment in her “The Demotape” mixtape series entitled: “The Demotape 4: Fuck Rap”. The title is an unapologetically vulgar expression of her frustration with the current state of mainstream rap music.

Fans can look forward to a 15 track mixtape that undoubtedly will include brand new Shaquaiquai skits as well as a lyrical explanation for her absence…

Fuck Rap mixtape cover

Twizzle (as she's affectionately called by fans) has a distinct and attention-grabbing style that is guaranteed to entertain and/or amuse you, or your money back! From thought-provoking metaphors and punch lines to hysterical skits, you'll never get bored when LadyTwist is "in the building".


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